Mill Creek Estates Homeowners Association is located in Springfield, Illinois

The annual HOA fees are currently $85 per year per lot and are due in advance on July 1 each year.
The HOA covers all Phase One properties and goes from Old Jacksonville Road to Surry Place.
The range of addresses that comprise the Mill Creek Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. include:
3900-4085 Springer Ln,
3950-4087 Guilford Dr,
1420-1509 South Meadowbrook,
3927-4092 Mill Stone Dr,
3900-4037 Eagle Wing Rd,
1500-1600 Old Ivy Dr,
4000-4013 Southwoods Rd,
3900-4009 Stone Bridge Rd,
3900-4009 Surrey Place,
3905-4020 Old Mill Ln,
3900-3936 Rocky Falls Rd.
Please check that the address you are interested in is within these address ranges.
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