Mill Creek Estates is located on the west side of the City of Springfield, Illinois. The land was originally farm and timber pasture ground owned by the Springer family. Their original home was in the first plat in the early part of Phase I, but was in disrepair.  Building of homes for Mill Creek Estates (Phase I) started in 1992 by Charles Robbins Realtors. Phase I consists of 6 plats and was completed in 1998.

It is generally located south of Old Jacksonville Road, west of Sims Western Acres subdivision, east of the old Chicago and Northwestern Railroad right-of-way (now Sangamon Valley Trail) and north of and including lots on the 3900 and 4000 blocks of Surry Place Lane. It contains 212 homes. Several common lots comprise the entrance and the stormwater management system.

Restrictive covenants apply to all lots. The covenants create the Mill Creek Estates Homeowners Association, which maintains the common areas and enforces the covenants for the benefit of all homeowners. Covenants and other related documents can be found in the Documents tab of this website. This website is a resource for homeowners and other interested parties.